Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Taking Away Stress With PBR

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a smart little invader.   It attacks different places on different days.  It sneaks around the body and when you least expect it you get a sucker punch from it. 

On a fantastic day, I my stress starts about two minutes before I even open my eyes in the morning. My brain starts...it's wonders how fast the joints are going to work. You would think my brain would know how everything is doing already but it doesn't.

Stress adds to RA issues just like it does with everything else.  This week I am stressing over a hospital stay.  Not that I don't know what's coming it's the fact that I don't know if I am going to be there one day or seven.  So I stress about it over and over.

Since stress makes me worse, I have had to come up with different things to de-stress (and lower my blood pressure).  I discovered that watching and reading about bull riding completely lowers my stress and bp.  I fell into watching bull riding last year completely by accident but now I love it.  And whether watching videos of rides, podcasts or reading articles it seems to work.

What do I use to chill out?  The PBR website, Oceanman and Cowboy with Brendon Clark & Craig Hummer, Brendon Clark's Podcasts & Videos, and all the bull riders, fans & PBR people on Twitter (far too many to list).  

I have no idea why it works but it does so I am running with it! 

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