Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The fun of outings...

Sometimes it seems as a hopeless venture fighting my RA. It is definitely much easier to just give up. With all the craziness healthwise in the past few months, I have spent the past few weeks just jamming stuff in.

My RA progressed to the point that there are very few days that I am unable to go out without using the cane or walker. The past few months with losing feeling in half my body added onto the RA, it just becomes almost impossible to not use one or the other when going out. It has taken me years to be fine with using them. Sometimes I'm still not.

This past weekend I went out to a rodeo with my cane. A few months ago I wouldn't have done that. If it was a cane day, I would have just skipped it. Instead I went to Sugarcreek and got some great pictures...I think I'll let the them stick around.

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