Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Where does your loose change go?

Those that know me well, know I love my coffee!  So it's no surprise that I once received a coffee money bank from a coworker.  Normally I toss all my change in their from my purse (or anywhere I find it) and once it's full I cash it in for a gift card for coffee.

For the past few months, I have changed my strategy.  Since the beginning of November, I have been saving my change as a donation for my Arthritis Walk.  I turn the change in for a gift card for the grocery store then put the money from my grocery shopping money into my Arthritis Walk money.  I got $15 on the first fill up of the bank.  I am up to just over $9 again already.

What are you doing with the extra change you have in your purse or car?  Consider saving it and donating it to the Arthritis Foundation.  Sign up to be a walker or donate to my Arthritis Walk page!

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