Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another Hospital Stay...Why Aren't Cowboys Physical Therapists?

I am back...kind of back anyway.

I ended up back in the hospital on March 4th and came home on the 12th.  What does 8 days in the hospital get me?  Missing PBR Detroit and a bunch of there's nothing wrong with you...did I mention the psychiatrist visit?  Yes, this trip included a psychiatrist consultation to which he said I'm not crazy there is something else wrong (I could have told him that).  Yet they still kept me while continuing to say nothing is wrong.

My nothing wrong unfortunately brought along a few hospital falls.  They wanted me to go to a nursing home for rehab but I needed to come home.  I was going stir crazy being surrounded by walls that weren't the ones in my house.  So instead of rehab I have PT and OT at my house.  I am still going stir crazy, especially since it's been in the 60s & 70s, but I would rather be at home.  My physical therapist is nice and all...but wouldn't it be better if cowboys were physical therapists?  It would improve my mood!


  1. Maybe you could get the physical therapist a cowboy hat and pretend??

    1. If it was a guy...I would deeply, deeply consider it!