Saturday, March 23, 2013

IH Headaches and No Filter

I have no filter. 

Okay, so I do have a filter sometimes but I have noticed that the worse my IH headaches get the less of a filter I have.  I don't know if the high pressure makes effects the part of my brain that blocks that I think but should never say out loud but it's annoying.  For my own sanity, I go back to the explanation that Intracranial Hypertension/Pseudotumor Cerebri is like having a brain tumor without actually having the tumor.  I have know someone who had a brain tumor and had no filter.  It is how I feel at times.  It is like my brain works against me.

I have become used to the bad headaches most of the time but the no filter and the losing vision issues are the worst for me to adjust to.  I lose my filter at the worst possible times.  I go from my normal blind spot to total vision loss at the worst possible times.

I am still deciding which I dislike more my RA or IH.  Either way I am stuck with both of them so all I can do is fight back against them.  :)

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