Wednesday, February 15, 2012

RA Meds

My medications are one of the more annoying things about Arthur.  I have never added just one medication causes a new problem.  Currently I am on a regimen that has me taking 200 pills and on injection a week.  They aren't 200 different pills, most pills I take 2-3 times a day.  But the 200 pills are just my starting point.  If Arthur is having a tantrum, I will need to add more pills to remain in a semi-functioning state.  I am lucky that's all I take, I know people who take more I just get annoyed with taking them all. 

Thank goodness for pill reminder cases, because I will never remember if I took pills or not.  Between Fibro fog and just plain too many pills to remember, every day would be like last night when I spent three hours trying to remember if I took an extra pain pill or not because I was hurting.  I also put reminders alarms on my cell phone so I am taking them at about the same time everyday. 

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday Meds

Monday Meds

Friday Meds

The thing that I hate the most about the meds is actually completely vain.  I hate the hair loss.  I know it's completely silly but I miss the hair I used to have.  I used to have thick hair that would usually do what I wanted.  Now I have hair that is about 1/3 of the thickness if used to be.  I have to warn people when they cut my hair that I am going to lose a lot as they work with it.  I get annoying with cleaning out all the hair I lose in the shower. 

Realistically hair loss should be low on my list but it's not.  When I had a completely crappy day in the beginning I could at least do something with my hair.  Not anymore. 

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